Southern Auditing and Accounting Financial Consultancy Service., Ltd (AASCS) is transformed from the state owned enterprise – Auditing and Accounting Financial Consultancy Service Company (AASC), Ho Chi Minh City branch, under the Decision No. 1407/QĐ-BTC dated 04/10/2007 issued by the Minister of Finance; is the biggest branch among all the branches of AASC, who was the first established firm directly under Ministry of Finance in 1991 in Vietnam.

For achieving the service quality to over meet the clients’ requirement, AASCS always appreciates, the qualifications and experiences aspect of the auditor and professional staffs, AASCS is currently operating with the crowded staff. At present, 100 auditors and professional staffs, whose professional skills are bachelor or postgraduate degrees and are domestic and foreign trained in finance, accounting, auditing and banking service.

Every year, AASCS often co-operates with the Domestic and International Organizations to train and upgrade the auditor’s professional skill or to appoint some AASCS officials for attending.

Being a forerunner of AASC branch in Ho Chi Minh City, from the establishing date forward, AASCS in annually awarded the certificate of merit for the excellent achievements in auditing and accounting financial business by the Prime Minister or the Finance Minister. A great number of AASCS staffs and auditors are also continuously granted a lot of certificates of merit and title of competitive soldiers in finance industry by the Finance Minister.


Operational targets and guidelines

As the highest benefit of Clients, AASCS’s operational targets are providing the professional services and reliable information in order to assist the Clients in making their decisions of management, financial and economic matters in the most effective way.

Furthermore, with our thorough professional skills, intensively practical experience and professional working spirit, we understand that the Clients will meet with which requirements and difficulties as they engage in trading and production activities in Vietnam.

According to this basic, we will help all the Clients to deal with the above problems by the best solution that there are rarely some professional consultancy service companies do.

In order to provide the best quality service, we always abide by the principles of Independence, Objective, Integrity and Confidentiality on every activity and conform to the statutory regulations, the Vietnam accounting and auditing standards issued by the Financial Department as well as the accepted international auditing standards. Besides, we also consider the Clients’ legal benefit as the first priority.


Domestic, international and client recognition

Along with the development over three decades of the independent audit industry in Vietnam, AASCS has grown steadily and become one of the most reputable professional auditing companies in Vietnam. The services provided by AASCS are trusted and highly appreciated by many domestic and foreign organizations.

The expert qualifications and professional working spirit of AASCS are recognized in all the business types, in the economic and social organizations doing business in Vietnam such as the general company, the listed company in the stock market, the public companies and the foreign-invested enterprises, etc.

With our providing perfect services quality, trusted and highly appreciated by the Clients, AASCS is currently providing service to nearly 800 Clients operating from all types of economic fields consisting of foreign-invested enterprises, state owned enterprises, joint stock enterprises, limited liability companies, administrative and non-productive units, socio-economic projects funded by international financial, etc. Especially for the public companies and listed companies in the stock market.

Contributing to the general development of enterprises and engaging to ensure the best service quality for each Client, AASCS is always a good partner, sharing our experiences with the client and regarding their success as our reaching targets.

With our good professional skills and practical experiences, AASCS will be the leading auditing and consultancy company with regard to providing the professional service in Vietnam and will satisfy all most difficult requirement of the Clients.

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We always uphold the quality and the law

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Audit of Financial statements

Audit of Financial statements is the basic elements creating the trade name of AASCS and is one of our strong point. This activity has been over developing in both quantity and quality.

Now, in the field of auditing financial statements, AASCS has a large and powerful team of experienced experts in financial, accounting, auditing, crediting, taxation activities, etc. This team has yearly done the audit of financial statements for over 600 enterprises from all kinds of economic aspects funded by International Financial organizations. Among them are the state owned enterprises such as the general company, joint stock enterprises, foreign invested enterprises, commercial companies and administrative and non-productive units.

Through the auditing activity, the auditing results not only serve the administrators, investors and the government management departments’ purposes but help the enterprises to make good their shortcoming and improve the accounting and internal control systems. Thereof upgrading the financial management quality and business operation better and better.



In the basic construction auditing, AASCS has a team of staffs, auditors and civil engineers with excellent qualifications and virtuous characters.

This team has yearly performed nearly 200 contracts of audit of final account, in which there are numerous of large, complicated and important project of Government and ministry of industries.

The activity of audit of final accounts has contributed the investors enable to eliminate the unreasonable expenses, save the amount of billions dong for the State and developers’ budgets. Particularly, we had a part in timely promoting the balancing and approval of basic construction investment capital finalization, assisting clients to improve the accounting and internal control systems.

AASCS’s accounting services have been widely reliable selected and highly appreciated, it is also one of our much experienced services.

Apart from recording the accounts and preparing the financial statements for the clients, AASCS is also providing the following consultancy services of checking, analysis, improvement and rationalization for the finance and accounting system, is assisting the enterprises to conform to the regulations co vouchers, voucher turnover, opening and recording the accounts, sum up the expenses and charging the good, reviewing, revising the accounting date and book closing, etc. in accordance with the Government current stipulations.


Experiences in Consultancy Services

With our high qualifications, Intensive Practical Experiences and expert working spirit, AASCS has annually performed nearly 100 consultancy contracts, which are all kinds of consultancy service and highly appreciated such as:

  • Privatization consultancy services: since the Government had carried out the policy of privatized enterprises, AASCS offered the services of auditing the asset valuation consulting the privatized for all kinds of enterprises of Government, ministry of industries, provincial and city all the country, etc. The consultancy services’ quality of AASCS is nationwide trusted and highly appreciated.

After executing the enterprises valuation, most of the enterprises have confidence in our service and suggest AASCS to offer more consultancy services until they official transform from their current business type info joint stock one.

AASCS will incessantly upgrade our services quality and offer the clients our best consultancy services in order to help them to achieve more success in business operations.

  • Consultancy of preparing the financial statements, consultancy or preparing the investment final account reports, consultancy of construction and selecting the business accounting model, consultancy of selecting the accounting form, consultancy of setup the financial policies, consultancy of taxation and business financial administration.
  • Consultancy of preparing the projects reports, consultancy or preparing the business establishment documents, consultancy of selecting the investment plan, consultancy of assets valuation, consultancy or preparing the tender documents, consultancy of examining and selecting the tender submission.
  • AASCS has given our construction consultancy advices to assist the enterprises to improve their operation management and production arrangement. Preparing and guiding for executing the regulations of administration, business, decentralizing, classifying the internal financial policy or implementing the kinds of economic accounting for the subsidiary units, carrying out the sub-letting structure compliance with each business operation type.

Experiences in Professional Training And Other Services

  • AASCS directly held or co-operated with the bureaus, departments, institutes of ministry of industries or international organizations to open the courses of development, training and improving the knowledge of finance, accounting, auditing, investment analysis, securities, taxation and insurances, business administration, etc.
  • Through the centralized venues or at the enterprises venues, thereof it is contributed to improving of professional skill and quality in financial, accounting, internal auditing and management aspects for the official.
  • AASCS has given the guidance, explanations and has provided the statutory documents regarding the enterprises law, investment law, taxation law, economic and financial management policies, accounting and auditing standards, etc. In order that enterprises can understand and apply those above mentioned to conform to the law, regulations, policies and their own operations.
  • AASCS always keep our regular relationships with the client and are ready to satisfactorily clear up all the clients’ queries with regard to the trade and production activities.
  • AASCS has executed the services of recommendation, providing, recruiting the senior financial accounting personnel such as financial directors, chief accountants, internal auditing managers, etc. for the enterprises.
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